A female doctor has started providing health service in District Hospital, Bajura.

Chief of the hospital Dr Prakash Raj Jaisi said Dr Nima Maharjan had started treating patients for the last three weeks and treatment by the female doctor was more effective. Dr Jaisi said women, who were hesitant to share their diseases for years, were receiving treatment in the hospital.

Nick simons Institute in coordination with the health ministry had sent Dr Maharjan to the hospital.

She is now busy treating patients from remote areas. Dr Jaisi said that Dr Maharjan not only treated patients, but gave proper counselling to the people as well.

Hospital management committee Chair Bharat Thapa said Dr Maharjan was committed to providing good health services to patients.

He said it was very difficult to manage the hospital as doctors did not like to come to remote areas.

A local woman at Badimalika Municipality Dhan Laja Rawal said that the female patients were finding it much easier to talk about their health issues now. "We could not express the out problems in front of the male doctors, earlier," she said. Hospital management committee member Gita Rawal said that the female patients had no problems talking to the female doctors about their health issues.

Dr Maharjan said that she came to the remote area to provide service to the poor people. "I had read books about the lives of people of remote areas, but I had not seen their plight with my own eyes," she added. She said her aim was to provide health facility to the impoverished community and for this reason she had chosen Bajura. As many as 25 women reach the hospital for treatment on a daily basis.

She said that most of the women visiting the hospital have problems related to uterus and reproductive health, among others. As many as six medical officers provide health service in the district hospital.

A version of this article appears in the print on September 12 2021, of The Himalayan Times.