FENAJ-N flays Maoist supremo’s remarks

Kathmandu, February 15:

The Federation of National Journalists, Nepal (FENAJ-N) today labelled the language used by the Maoist chairman Prachanda while referring to the institution of monarchy during his interview with the BBC TV, as “irresponsible.”

Issuing a press statement today, Jasuda Pradhan, the acting chairperson of the FENAJ-N,

said, “It is the height of irresponsibility to splash mud at the monarch through a foreign media without taking into consideration the sensitivity of the things being said.”

Meanwhile, assistant minister for home affairs, Sone Lal Yadav, at an interaction today said the people have discarded the political leaders as the latter ignored the country’s ground realities.

He said the political parties were accustomed to giving people false assurances while dancing to the tunes of the foreigners and people had understood their dishonesty.

“People are with the King, not with the political leaders,” Yadav said.

Addressing the same programme — held by the main organising committee of Queen Komal Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah’s 56th birthday — committee chairman Tara Devi Ghimire said a 556-member organising body had been formed to mark the queen’s birthday.