Fertile even after vasectomy!

Dhading, July 25:

At least half a dozen men in Bhumesthan VDC-7 of Dhading district have fathered children after they underwent vasectomies resulting in the astonishment of other villagers.

Mukti Nath Rijal of the VDC, who had had a vasectomy operation seven years ago recently fathered a child and was shocked and went for another operation.

Like Rijal, Kanchha Adhikari, Hari Pariyar and Raju Karki also discovered to their unspeakable chagrin that despite the vasectomy operations that they had had they could still add to the population at home.

Looking at Rijal, Adhikari, Pariyar and Karki, several more who have undergone vasectomies have eaten their hearts out with worry.

Dr Ramesh Bikram Singh at the district health post said that it was a case of the vasectomies not having been successful.