MYGDI: Former Finance Minister and senior leader of UCPN-Maoist Dr Baburam Bhattarai today said the country could not gain economic prosperity until the completion of the political revolution.
Addressing a programme organised by Myagdi Chamber of Commerce and Industries in Beni today, Dr Bhattarai opined that the feudalistic system should be uprooted to make industrial revolution a success.
Stating that traditional views had been hindering political advancement, Bhattarai said, ''The country has been facing added trade deficit every new year due to economic dependency. We import expensive goods and export cheap ones so there is imbalance in economic exchange.''
He also opined that the country could gain economic prosperity once we stopped foreign interference and developed independent national economy. Stating that the aim of the Maoists was to develop the economic sector by eradicating existing backwardness, he added, ''We will achieve our goal peacefully.'' Dr Bhattarai also claimed that prosperity could be achieved only after ending feudalism. He said some forces were hatching conspiracies to derail the constitution writing process. Stating that the Maoist-led government had given priority to the private sector, he added his party had initiated the formation of the co-operative board.
Stating that there was immense potential of tourism in Dhaulagiri, Dr Bhattarai said, ''The government should give the tourism sector a top priority.'' He stressing that federalism was a must for the progress and development of the country.