Few takers for National ID cards

Panchthar, December 11

Three weeks after the government unveiled the distribution of national identity card in Panchthar district in the first phase, very few people have shown interest in receiving the document here.

As per the data provided by National ID Registration Department Panchthar Field Office, 110 persons have so far received the card after its distribution was inaugurated by Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa on November 13.

The multi-purpose card was originally envisioned to contain every detail of the card-holder, from education qualifications to record of land ownership and driving license.

“As the card doesn’t include all the details as claimed earlier, the same might be the reason why very few are attracted to it,” said a local.

Meanwhile, National ID card Registration Department Director Shivaraj Joshi said all details related to the bearer couldn’t be included due to delay in the upgradation of the required system. “Preparations are on to include the related details in the card,” he said.

Some 60,000 locals in the district have got their details collected for inclusion in the ID card, in the first phase.