Cabinet endorsing proposal on Constitution amendment: PM

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Tuesday said that the final preparations for the Constitution amendment were underway and the Cabinet was likely to endorse the proposal on it today itself.

Addressing the CPN Maoist Centre's politburo meeting held at the party's central office at Paris Danda today, Dahal, who is also the party chairman, said the Council of Ministers today would endorse the proposal as far as possible, according to Dahal's Secretariat.

"The government is vigorously working to continue with the efforts aimed at forging national consensus for the Constitution amendment and its acceptance from all sides," Prime Dahal reiterated.

In the meeting, Dahal stated that a way would be found out soon as that the country cannot be held hostage to political impasse for long.

He also urged the Maoist to counter any tendency to prevent the implementation of Constitution.

Dahal also briefed the meeting about the formal and informal discussions held with the ruling coalition partners over the matter.

The politburo members present in the meeting stressed the need of paying attention to strengthen the party organisation, expand the party at the people's level and formulate a three-month action plan for the same.