KATHMANDU: Nepal is holding the International Conference on Nepal’s Reconstruction to “pledge assistance from the international community for the reconstruction after the earthquake”. At the event, which is going to be held on June 25, 61 invitees including ministers from the international community have been invited. Those invited include Hollywood actor Leonardo Dicaprio along with British actress Joanna Lumley. “We have issued the invitation but we have not received any confirmation from his side,” shared Dr Narayan Dhakal, Under Secretary, Ministry of Finance IECCD Division about DiCaprio’s coming. The invitation was issued one week ago. Dicaprio and Lumley are only the celebrities who have been invited to the conference. And they have been invited because of the support they have shown to Nepal and quake victims after powerful earthquake struck the nation on April 25. “They are well wishers of our country apart from being celebrities. After the earthquake, they came out to help us by making aid appeals for Nepal earthquake victims. They expressed solidarity with us,” he added. It remains to be seen whether DiCaprio and Lumley will be joining the rest of the invitees at the conference.