Firecrackers banned for New Year celebrations

Pokhara, December 26

The High Court of Pokhara today issued an interim order against the use of firecrackers in the Lakeside area during the upcoming New Year festival to be observed in Pokhara.

The order came in response to a writ filed by National Heritage Public Rights Conservation Committee, citing the adverse effects of the noise pollution caused by firecrackers on marine life in the Phewa lake and human life in the vicinity.

Committee Chairperson Ram Bahadur Poudel on December 20 had filed the writ identifying Pokhara metropolis, District Administration Office and others as defendants and seeking an order along with a mandamus. A bench of judges Ramchandra Yadav and Nara Bahadur Shanahi issued the order.

The order has told the defendants to not to use fireworks or let others burst crackers during the festival on Phewa banks from December 28 to January 1.

“The constitution has guaranteed the right to healthy environment, and the environment conservation act too has proscribed any activity that will have an adverse effect on public health and the environment,” the order states.