First from Dom community to appear for LLB exam

Rajbiraj, November 16

Yuktilal Marik from the Dalit community appeared for his LLB exams today at Mahendra Bindeshwori Multiple Campus of Rajbiraj.

Marik an LLB, first year student differs from many others who took the exams with him. For starters, he sat for his School Leaving Certificate way back in 1984; following which his family was financially strapped.

Undeterred, he harboured his dream of attaining higher education and only three years ago received his Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from Mahendra Bindeshwori Campus.”

From as long as i can remember, I witnessed my people, the Dalits being discriminated in society, I decided to read law, hoping to start up a law firm so that Dalits could fight legal battles against discrimination and social injustices,” Marik said.

“We have never had much property to begin with and own only a small shanty and four kattha land. I have had to scrimp and save for my education,” said Marik, who is the first person to attain a degree from the Dom community.

“Of my three sons, the eldest is doing his BEd while two others are in Grade XI and IX respectively,” said Yuktilal, who hopes that at least one of his sons will be a doctor.

Yuktilal also commended his wife who has been a great support to him and his sons. “I’m proud of her as she has been helping me and my sons in our education with the income she makes by weaving various products from bamboo,” he said.