The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority has charged five persons, including project manager of Bara-based Bagmati and Lalbakaiya River Training Project Rajkumar Srivastav and engineer Pandav Prasad Dev, at the Special Court for embezzling millions of rupees through the use of substandard materials.

As per the charge-sheet filed at the court yesterday, project manager Shrivastav procured and used substandard gabion in the construction of studs in the project. “Srivastav made payment of seven running bills in a row to the contractor companies without conducting quality test of the gabion used in the construction of studs, while engineer Dev recommended to the project that it met the quality requirement in line with the specifications,” read a press release issued by the anti-graft body.

The CIAA said Srivastav and Dev had caused damage worth Rs 36.5 million to the project and were charged under Section 8(1) of the Prevention of Corruption Act-2002. The anti-graft body has claimed the principal amount of Rs 36.5 million each from the duo through the court.

Similarly, Ravi Singh, managing director of Mahadev Khimti Nirman Sewa Pvt Ltd, and managing director of Mainachuli Nirman Sewa Pvt Ltd have been accused of taking payment for the construction of stud by providing falsified details. “They claimed payment of bills for construction of stud, stating that it was on par with the quality standards stipulated in the specification,” said joint-secretary Taranath Adhikari, CIAA spokesperson. CIAA has sought principal amount of Rs 36.5 million each from them as per Section 8(4) of the act.

The CIAA has also listed Santosh Pradhan Shahi, the authorised representative of Mahadev Khimti/Mainachuli JV, for receiving payment of bills on behalf of the joint venture of the contractor companies, claiming the use of quality gabion in construction of the stud.

“Shahi received payment on behalf of the contractor companies after using substandard gabion in contravention of the terms and conditions of the agreement. He has been charged as per Section 8(4) of the act, and Rs 36.5 million has been sought from him,” said CIAA Spokesperson Adhikari.