Five Nepali children rescued from Punjab

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare has rescued five children from Punjab, India.

The Ministry with the help of Nepali Embassy in India and Maiti India rescued the children and brought them to Kathmandu on Thursday evening. The children are aged 12-16.

Of the rescued, two are girls.

The children were trafficked to India from Salyan, Jajarkot and other districts, according to the Ministry.

Secretary at the Ministry, Madhu Prasad Regmi, said that the children would be handed over to their families after the identification of their respective families.

Joint-Secretary at the Ministry, Radhika Aryal, said that the girls would be handed over to Maiti Nepal and the boys to Chhorachhori organisation. The Ministry has urged the bodies concerned to keep the names of children confidential.