Flesh trade flourishing along highways

Dhading, June 18

A recent data has shown that flesh trade is flourishing along the two national highways that pass through Dhading.

Sex trade along Tribhuvan and Prithvi highways as well as their adjoining areas makes up for one per cent of the total sex business in the country. Sath Sath Project operated by Chandra Jyoti Integrated Rural Development Society Dhading in collaboration with USAID made the data public after four years of study.

The study showed that most of the women involved in the sex business were victims of human trafficking or wives of men who have left for foreign jobs and those abandoned by their partners. Stakeholders expressed worry over the highways turning into a flesh trade zone.

Senior public health administrator at District Public Health Office Dhading, Jivan Kumar Malla, urged everyone to be active in curbing the illegal act.

Volunteers from Sath Sath Project had met 3,425 sex workers in the last four years. Of them, the health of 2,791 sex workers was checked, while 1,215 among the checked were suffering from various types of sexually transmitted diseases.

Thirteen of them tested positive for HIV, said Gokarna Rupakheti, Dhading executive director for CIRDS. He informed that the project had provided health check up services for HIV infected women at Mahadevbasti of Thanke VDC. He said the project also had also been organising health camps at Malekhu of Gajuri VDC twice a month.

The study also showed that many sex workers have regular customers while some find customers based on their contacts and spend time in the road side hotels and nearby forests.