BIRATNAGAR: Air services of six airlines came to a grinding halt today evening when a distribution box of the generator exploded in Biratnagar airport. The box exploded due to an electric short- circuit leaving the electric lights on the runaway out of order. Chief of Biratnagar Airport Sudhir Chaudhary said the generator would be repaired only by 10 am on Monday.

Meanwhile, Biratnagar-bound flights were grounded today morning due to poor visibility.

Two flights of Buddha Air, Yeti Air and Agni Air could not take off due to poor visibility.

Chaudhary said, one plane of Buddha Air and two planes of Yeti Air got grounded in Biratnagar Airport due to haze.

No planes landed in Biratnagar airport, nor did they take off from here, he added. Organisers cancelled an interaction organised by Industrial Organisation Morang as officials could not land by scheduled flight.

There are more than 25 flights outbound from Biratnagar on a daily basis.

Flights operating in hilly districts have also been grounded today due to haze in the sky, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded in the airport.