Flood damages five kilometres of Postal Highway

Rautahat, July 28

With the flood sweeping away five kilometres of the Postal Highway from Badarwa to Aruwakhola transportation service has come to a halt in Rautahat.

The flood of July 12 and 13 at Durga Bhagawati Rural Municipality destroyed the road stretch in different places from the Bagmati River to Aruwa Khola. The road section now has huge ditches and the rural area has lost contact with the district headquarters.

The deluge has completely damaged the liniment, drainage, culvert and irrigation outlets. The Bagmati River swept away 65 metres road to the west dam of the river creating a huge ditch.

The flood also swept away one kilometre road from Phatuwa Bridge to West Dam in the section of Gandak Irrigation Project.

Dipaknar Thakur, a technician at the Postal Highway Project said transportation service came to a halt after floods completely swept away the walls and nets used to construct the road along the embankment.

Thakur added that one kilometre road from West Dam of the Lal Bakaiya River to Pokhariya Damar sustained partial damage and floods created big ditches in two separate places of the area. He further clarified that the damaged physical infrastructure that damaged the roads had completely connected rural areas.

Engineer Shyam Narayan Mishra of the Postal Highway Directorate Planning Office, Parsa, said the under-construction road had sustained damage in Rautahat. He said that it would take around two months to repair the damaged road and approximately 3 crore was needed to repair the damaged road. Mishra said information collected from the feasibility study in different flood-hit areas was sent to the Postal Highway Project for further action.

Chief at Postal Road Project Ashok Tiwari said that the technicians’ team was carrying out study in flood-hit areas and the project had forwarded measures to repair the road immediately.