Flood hits four dozen villages in Saptari

Rajbiraj, August 13

With incessant downpour for the past five days, four dozen villages have been inundated in Saptari. More than 5,000 houses have been submerged displacing over 2,500 families in the district.

According to preliminary information with police, more than two dozen houses in Rajbiraj Municipality and other rural municipalities were swept away. At least 55 houses in Mithilatole of Rajbiraj have been inundated while round 100 houses are said to be at high risk of disaster.

While around 50 displaced families of Rajdevi Tole are sheltering at the local Rajdevi Primary School, 155 families of Barshain have moved to safer places after their houses submerged in the floods, according to Santosh Sah, a local.

Around 600 houses in Tilathi, Bhediya, Raghunathpur, Sakarapur, Mainakaderi, Maleth and their vicinity are at high risk of floods. Likewise, the swollen Khado, Jeeta and Mahuli rivers have inundated 400 households while the dams at Bhediya, Deuri Bharuwa and Biraul have burst. Vehicular movement along the Rajbiraj-Kunauli, Rajbiraj-Rupani and Rajbiraj-Hanumannagar roads has been disrupted after flood swept away the diversion. Electricity supply has stopped for the past three days due to flooding, according to Nepal Electricity Authority Saptari Chief Ram Udgar Sah.

Telephone network also has been disrupted. Victims complained that they hadn’t received any relief despite prolonged hardships due to the disaster.

Meanwhile, Chief District Officer Krishna Bahadur Katuwal said that Nepal Police, Nepali Army and Armed Police Force have been deployed for rescue operation. However, he said that rescue and relief distribution was disrupted due to flooding and continuous rainfall.