Flood sweeps away settlement in Doti

DOTI: A flood in Jijauda, Kinamde, Banne and Khun rivulets on Wednesday swept away a settlement at Tiltali village of Latamandau VDC in the district.

The flood swept away the houses, cowsheds and damaged the crops in the settlement, police informed RSS. It has been learned that a bridge and several road sections were also damaged by the flood in the village.

The flood affected over 150 houses there and damaged the cardamom planted over 100 ropanis of land, locals complained. Police have informed that some locals are also injured in the flood.

Following the inspection of the site, Chief District Officer Keshav Prasad Acharya said that the locals should be evacuated from the village as the whole settlement is at a high risk from any kind of natural disasters in the future as well.