Floods affect 216 houses in Chitwan

RATNANAGAR, CHITWAN: As many as 216 houses were badly affected by floods and inundation triggered by incessant rainfall occurred on mid-August in Madi of Chitwan district.

A statistics shared by Madi Municipality showed that about 800 bigha of land have been inundated due to floods in Madi Municipality.

Municipality Mayor Thakur Dhakal shared that the inundation has ruined the paddy plantation in Madi.

Dhakal further shared that the municipality has constructed temporary huts to settle the flood victims, whose houses were completely damaged, in schools and community buildings.

Settlements at Bankatta, Amiliya, Simara, Dhobaha, Ratani, Bandarjhula, Pyauli, Govinda Basti were badly affected in the floods.

According to the National Park Department, 10 wild animals were killed and 18 were swept away by the recent floods in the district while four rhinos and three deer were rescued from different places.

Meanwhile, normal life in Banke district has been adversely affected by the post-flood trauma.

Large numbers of students in the district have been facing difficulties after most of the schools in rural parts were waterlogged and damaged in the monsoon triggered floods.

According to National Human Rights Commission Nepalgunj Director Murari Prasad Kharel, children in the flood-hit areas are not getting foods and drinking water facilities after the disaster.

He added that about 15,000 students are being deprived of attaining education due to adverse situation caused by the floods where schools are converted to the shelters for the flood survivors.