Floods halt electricity generation in Myagdi, Mustang

MYAGDI: Electricity generation in two hydel projects of Myagdi and Mustang districts has been stopped due to floods.

The Tatopani Micro Hydropower Project (2 MW), situated at Narchyang of Myagdi and Chokopani Hydro Electricity Project (240KW), situated at Koban in Mustang district, stopped power generation owing to floods in their base rivers.

Subsequently, the supply of electricity has also been disrupted in the northern part of Mustang and Myagdi.

Lal Bahadur Lamsal, chief of Tatopani Project said, "A dry landslide had hit the foothill of Annapurna Mountain in February which made the water in the Nilgiri Khola muddy as the stones and mud got carried away in it. This has created disruption in producing electricity."

Earlier, 500 KW of electricity could be generated from the Project on a regular basis.

According to Sita Ram Shah, Chief of the Beni Distribution Centre of Nepal Electricity Authority, the electricity supply gets disrupted quite often along the 106-km transmission line from Modi of Parbat to Kowang of Mustang.