FLSC obstructs Mechi highway

Ilam, February 2:

The Federal Limbuwan State Council (FLSC)-Lingden today obstructed the Mechi highway demanding release of its cadres who were arrested on Thursday and Friday.

Police had arrested Ganesh Angdembe and Sharan Phago on Thursday for collecting ‘district export tax’ in Kolbung of Ilam.

The council obstructed the highway after yesterday’s all-party meeting at the district administration office failed to reach any conclusion.

Meanwhile, a press release jointly issued by the Mechi Driver’s Organisation, Nepal Transport Free Labourers’ Organisation, Nepal Transport Labourers’ Organisation, Mechi Transport Welfare Fund, Mechi Taxi Family and Kanchan Taxi Family announced their decision of not plying vehicles along the Mechi highway.

They have protested against vandalising of their vehicles.

Police had arrested Yalambar Limbu of Dhaijnan and Sunil Limbu of Fikkal for vandalising five vehicles in Dhaijan yesterday and one in Phikkal on Thursday.