Follow system for fair society, says Governor Kunwar

Pokhara, February 22

Governor Baburam Kunwar of Province 4 today said realisation of a just society would be a far cry until persons holding public offices followed the system and upheld the rule of law.

Speaking at a reception organised by Pokhara High court Bar Association and Kaski District Court Bar Association in Pokhara today, Kunwar said, “When we disregard the rule of law, it leads to anarchy, which in no time spirals out of the authorities’ control and poses a real problem.”

Citing the strict implementation of law in most of the developed countries across the world, the governor described upholding the law as the expedient way of ensuring development and prosperity.

“Even in the Panchayat era, justice delivery was more effective than today though the judges back then were not as learned as the judges now. However, justice delivery has not been as effective after the advent of democracy. This has also affected prosperity and development of the country,” he observed.

“As an effective legal system is capable of giving society the right way, we should also involve legal experts while making laws for the province,” he said.