Food crisis hits Taplejung

Taplejung, February 22:

Food crisis has hit Taplejung district very badly due to the indefinite bandh called by the Federal Limbuwan Rajya Parishad since 10 days.

Hardly any food grain grows in Taplejung and people there depend on those that they buy from Tibet or from neighbouring places.

Due to the bandh, markets are closed and the yaks that were brought to the bazaar for loading food grains for people in remote parts of the district, have been taken back. District-based suppliers are lamenting their loss and people are confused as to where to get supplies from. Food crisis is looming in Olangchungola, Papung, Nalyu, Ghunsa, Yamphudin, Tapethok and other parts of the district.

Snow is still piled up around the Olangchungola checkpoint and entry into Tibet is not possible. Hence, until winter lasts, headquarter of Taplejung will continue to be the main supply point but the supplies have not come only due to the bandh.

Yak owner, Norbu Sherpa, who came from Papung VDC to Taplejung bazaar for loading supplies, bemoaned that he tarried for days in the bazaar area hoping that the shops would open. However, in the agonising wait for supplies, all his money went into feeding his yaks. Rendered penniless, Sherpa said he had no option but to go back. Sherpa said people in his village had already run out of food grain and were reduced to consuming pancakes made from “Uwa” (a kind of barley) flour that they bought from Tibet four months ago.

Besides the people in remote parts of the district even those in the district headquarters are feeling the bite of the bandh. Life in the district is getting more difficult by the day due to the bandh.

Taplejung CDO Phanindra Mani Pokhrel, admitted that the people were facing hardships due to the bandh. He urged the bandh organisers to hold talks with the government for addressing

problems and to spare the general people.

Meanwhile, Parishad Taplejung president Hom Tumhamphe said taht the bandh will continue until the government concedes their demands.