Food crisis looms large with prolonged drought


Arable lands have turned barren due to prolonged drought in the northern parts of Bajura, Bajhang, Humla, Jumla, Mugu and Kalikot districts.

Locals in these areas have been facing acute food shortage.

Fertile land has turned barren in the four local levels of Bajura, and two rural municipalities of Humla and Mugu.

Lack of irrigation facility, dependence on rain water and prolonged drought, among others, are the causative factors.

A local of Budhinanda Municipality, Bajura, Man Bahadur Malla, said the land used to be fertile for four months earlier.

“But the land looked barren this season and people were compelled to depend on the local markets,” he said.

Following the drought, Swamikartik, Pandabgufa, Himali Rural Municipality, Budinanda Municipality of Bajura, Tajakot of Humla, Aadanchuli Rural Municipality, Khtyang and Soru Rural Municipality of Mugu have badly been affected due to food shortage.

Bajura’s Himali Rural Municipality Chairman Govinda Bahadur Malla said cultivated lands had become unproductive due to the prolonged drought. “The land looks like a desert,” he said.

Land belonging to 400 families in Swamikartik Rural Municipality has been uncultivated for the last four years.

Ishwori Giri, a local, said farmers could not plant seasonal crops due to the drought.

Man Bahadur Rokaya, a teacher in Himali Rural Municipality, said that the land at Wai, Sappta, Jukot, Dhim and Phauti, among other places, was barren.

Similarly, people in Humla are facing the same problems.

Debu Sharki of Maula Village said around 500 families were facing acute food crisis. He said cultivated lands were barren due to the prolonged drought.

The family of Ambar Rokaya of Tajakot Rural Municipality has been taking meal only once a day for the last five months.