For Bajura locals, alcohol is more significant than foods

BAJURA: In this Dashain, locals of Bajura spent more for alcohol, than for foods!

Local people of Martadi, Betalmandu, Dab Bazaar, Kolti, Kawadi and Piluchaur among other places confirm increase of alcohol business in the district, especially during festivals.

Local entrepreneur Dil Singh of Dab Bazaar informed that the transaction of alcohol increased after traders found more profit in alcohol business than that of food.

Laxman Rawal, a local, informed that peace of the village has been disturbed by the alcohol.

Domestic disputes, violence against women among other different problems and cases of violence have increased due to the use of alcohol.

It has been challenging for security personnel to maintain the peace and security in the district.

The government has banned haphazard trade of alcohol. However, the ban has not been strictly imposed for lack of specific rules and regulations, comment locals.

In the district, those who have the licence to sell the drinks are also making transactions by violating the rules.