Forced conversion intolerable: Minister Baskota

Kavre, December 25

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Baskota has said that forced conversion won’t be tolerated in the name of secularism in the country.

“It’s true that a secular state doesn’t have a religion, but that said, forced conversion cannot be accepted in the name of religious freedom,” said the minister, speaking at a joint Christmas programme organised by Banepa Christian Committee in Banepa today.

“Following a religion is a matter of one’s personal freedom, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that forced conversion will be tolerated, and by the same token, any discrimination against anyone just on the basis of his/her religious faith won’t be entertained,” the minister clarified.

“There are people following different faiths from different communities, so we must learn to respect each other’s religious faiths and culture, not hate them. The government won’t spare anyone hurting others’ religious sentiments or disturbing the harmony existing between diverse linguistic, religious and cultural communities,” he said.

The constitution has guaranteed Nepali citizens the right to practice and profess the religion of their choice.