Form consensus govt: PM

Kathmandu, April 28:

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has urged political parties to explore ways to form a consensus government. Koirala said it’s time consultations were initiated on the formation of a new government as the present constitution has provision for consensus politics.

“It’s time we focused attention on the tasks ahead. The election results, too, have reflected the need for consensus, cooperation and unity,” Koirala said in the message. As per the provision of the Interim Constitution, he said, the first meeting of the CA should turn the country into a republic.

Koirala said the first meeting of the CA would convene once the CA took full shape.

“The country is entering into a new era. We are at the most important hour of transition as we are entering the phase of drafting the constitution,” the PM said, adding that a federal republican structure and multi-party democratic system will provide a solid base for a prosperous Nepal. The PM also thanked political parties, the electorate, Election Commission, security agencies, government employees, journalists, civil society, friendly countries and international community for helping to conduct CA polls.