Former army chief Katawal bats for Hindu state identity

JHAPA, July 9

Former army chief Rukmangat Katawal on Thursday claimed that the idea of abolishing the state’s erstwhile Hindu identity was nothing but a part to a broader scheme contrived to efface Nepal as a state.

Speaking at Baudhhik Sanatan Hindu State symposium in Birtamod, Jhapa, Katawal condemned the grand design to abolish the unique identity of the Nepalis by wielding an erasure on national identity and national emblems.“It is so unfortunate that the country once unified by the Great Prithvi Narayan Shah is now facing risk due to element aiming to disintegrate the nation in the name of a ‘New Nepal’,” said Katawal, who added that the future of the nation hinged only on its Hindu state identity.

“As our national unity and identity is interlaced with Hindutva, it is the only way to save us rather than through slogans of ethnic or regional states,” he added, calling on everyone to champion the Hindu state identity.

Various other speakers at the programme also stressed the need to re-embrace the Hindu state identity, accusing political leaders of trading in the age-old identity of the land for ‘dollars’.

The programme was organised under the chairmanship of Hindu Rastra Ekata Manch President Indra Oli. The Manch said it had decided to intensify peaceful struggle in all 75 districts and the Captial to press for Hindu State identity at a press conference organised in Birtamod later in the evening.