Thapa says Jhapa revolt leaders betrayed people

They centralised power within Singha Durbar

Jhapa, June 25

CPN-Maoist Centre Publicity Department Chief and former defence minister Ram Bahadur Thapa today argued that the leaders of the Jhapa Revolt had curtailed the rights of the people due to their dishonesty.

Addressing an election rally organised in Bhadrapur of Jhapa today, Thapa said that the people had to wait for

decades as the then leaders betrayed the referendum by restricting all the rights to Singha Durbar for more than four decades, depriving the people of fundamental rights.

He hailed the role his party played in decentralising the Singha Durbar-centric power to the local levels.

“If the CPN-MC does not emerge as the leading force in the local level, there are chances that the people’s rights will be reversed from the local levels back to Singha Durbar. Hence, you have to vote for the CPN-MC to ensure revolutionary transformation of the country,” argued Thapa.

Meanwhile, CPN-Maoist Centre Bhadrapur Municipality mayoral candidate Shiva Kumar Rajbhandari warned that no one should undermine the contribution of his party to the sustainable development of the country.