Former, incumbent soldiers receive relief

Damauli, December 22

Ramban Battalion in Byas Municipality has taken the initiative to distribute relief amount to   former soldiers and incumbent Nepal Army personnel in Tanahun.

The battalion distributed Rs 30.96 million tog those quake victims whose houses were completely and partially damaged in the April 25 tremor and the powerful aftershocks.

Battalion chief Durga Bahadur Thapa said that the distributed amount was provided by Army Welfare Planning Directorate.

Sources at the battalion said that the second phase programme was begun after completion of the first phase. In its first phase programme, the amount was distributed among victims whose houses were damaged completely while the second phase of relief distribution has just begun.

Meanwhile, battalion account chief Prem Pandey said 57 victims whose houses were completely damaged and 165 whose houses were partially damagedreceived the relief amount. He said Rs 7.12 millionwas distributed.

Pandey further informed that a team from the battalion had collected data of ex-army personnel and incumbent soldiers and distributed the relief amount. It is said the relief was distributed to personnel who produced the supporting documents.