Four freed ‘sans action’

Mahottari, November 3:

Police yesterday released four persons they had arrested for beating Dalits, without any actions, victims said.

“Those held — Arne Magar, 38, Shambhu Rana, 25, Jivan Ale Magar, 27 and Birju Magar, 25 — by the police for beating up Dalits were freed without any action following the pressure from local leaders,” said Ranjit Kanaujiya, central member of Federation of Dalit NGO.

He said the four had beaten Dukhani Devi, 28, Urmila Devi, 32, Ram Hridaya Mandal, 22, Jitu Khatwe, 18, Bashu Dev Shah, 50, Shambhu Mandal, 16, Bajra Kishor Madar, 35, and Bhabichhan Mandal for occupying unclaimed land. Inspector, Bimal Sharma, at Gaushala Area Police Office, today said a preliminary probe showed the clash occurred because those engaged in it were drunk.