Fowls, animals sacrificed on Buddha Jayanti

Siraha, April 30

As people were celebrating the birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha across the country, thousands of birds and animals were sacrificed in Rajdevi Panchawati temple in Lahan municipality, Siraha today.

Every year, thousands of devotees sacrifice birds and animals on the same day in the belief that the deity Rajdevi Mata will fulfil their desire. The devotees believe they will have children, diseases will be healed.

Temple Conservation Development Committee Chairman Agamlal Chaudhary said thousands of devotees thronged the temple to pray and sacrifice birds and animals early this morning. He said that the devotees had come to the temple two days before to pray and sacrifice birds and animals.

The Fair Management Committee informed that the puja in the temple had started from 8:00 am. The committee said more than 15,000 birds and animals would be scarified this year. The committee further added that lambs, chicken, pigeons and ducks are sacrificed in the temple.

Committee Coordinator Birendra Chaudhary said devotees from neighbouring districts such as Siraha, Saptari, Udayapur, Dhanusha and even from Bihar, have come to offer puja to the goddess.