Free classes attract more Dalit kids to school

Rajbiraj, December 8

The number of children from impoverished and backward communities, including Haruwa, Charuwa and Musahar, going to school have increased in Saptari of late.

Six months ago, the number of children from Haruwa, Charuwa and Musahar communities was very minimal at Shambhunath Municipality, Saptari. However, the situation has changed now.

Shreepuraj Community Development Centre had conducted free classes for children under educational campaign at Kanakpatti, Dangarahi and Mohanpur of Shambhunath Municipality targeting kids from Haruwa, Charuwa and Musahar communities six months ago.

Six months ago, only 12 children attended the school from these communities. With the introduction of free classes being provided by the centre with support from The Freedom Fund, the number of children from backward communities attending the school has reached 71.

Programme Coordinator Sharada Chaudhary said as many as 135 children from Haruwa, Charuwa and Musahar communities had been attending free child education programme. Of them, 71 children have been admitted to school. The centre is providing educational materials and school bags for free to schoolchildren.

According to Chaudhary, three teachers and one dozen volunteers are educating the kids  and helping them to enroll in school. Majority of the children from downtrodden and impoverished communities have yet to step their feet in the school. “We shall take special initiative to enrol children from backward communities from the next year,” Chaudhary pledged.