Front urges banks not to call loans, interests

Birgunj, January 20

United Democratic Madhesi Front Parsa has asked banks and financial institutions not to call loans or interests on loans during the agitation period.

Responding to a complaints about banks and financial institutions bothering commoners and others who had borrowed money from them, a meeting of the front was convened in Birgunj today to express concerns about the issue.

“As we’ve received complaints, we’ve urged the concerned establishments to stop such acts soon, by issuing a statement,” said UDMF’s constituent Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Parsa Chairperson Pradip Yadav.

It’s known to everyone that the entire Madhes and people here are involved in a democratic struggle for rights for such a long time.

When the struggle was on, it’s been heard that some banks and financial institutions of Bara and Parsa are nagging their borrowers over payment of loans and interests on them, which is unfortunate, and so the same should be stopped immediately, the statement read.

It also threatened to padlock the concerned establishments if they failed to change their modus operandi.

Further, the statement has also urged the concerned banks and financial institutions to waive off the loan and interest for the agitation period.