Fruitless anti-poverty programmes rued


Stakeholders on Thursday argued that the programmes launched to alleviate poverty under the Poverty Alleviation Fund have not been effective in Sindhuli.

Participants analysing organisations providing services to alleviate poverty said that the programmes had been ineffective in the district.

UCPN-Maoist leader Jwala Prasad Neupane said there was zero achievement from programmes on which Rs 540 millions had been invested this fiscal. He also lamented the rampant irregularities due to ignorance among people. “A large number of people became alert when District Development Committee allocated Rs 50 million, people raised hue and cry. But the people didn’t know where and how the budget was spent,” he said.

Nepali Congress leader Manik Dhakal, said it was a disgrace that the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) had seized all the files of the fund as there was no authoritative government agency at the local level. It is very bad,” he said.

CPN-UML leader Pralhad Pokhrel said that he did not see any significant improvement in the socio-economic status of poor people.

The fund has been conducting mobile fund service, income generation and infrastructure development through groups in the district.