FSF-N CC members for launching Valley-centric stir

Kathmandu, January 23

Central Committee members of Upendra Yadav-led Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal today suggested to the party leadership to intensify Kathmandu-centric movement in order to mount pressure on the government.

FSF-N is a major constituent of the United Democratic Madhesi Front, which has been agitating in the southern plains for the past five months.

According to Mahesh Chaurasiya, press advisor to FSFN Chair Yadav, a majority of CC members, who presented their views on the political report presented by Co Chairman Rajendra Shrestha, highlighted the need for a Kathmandu centric movement.

CC member Bir Bahadur Lama said the party should review why it had not been able to intensify stir in Kathmandu and other Janajati dominated areas of the hills.

According to Chaurasiya, Lama told the meeting that Kathmandu-centric movement was necessary to pile pressure on the government to address the demands of the agitating parties as movement in Madhes alone was not enough to mount pressure on the government.

Another CC member Bishwanath Patel said the party should file case against the government in international court for serious human rights violations in Madhes.

According to Chaurasiya, RC Tungba said the government was trying to suppress the Madhes movement.

Shrestha said in the report that the new constitution was a result of counter-revolution and mentioned articles of the new constitution, which he said were detrimental to the interests of the marginalised communities.

Stating that Kathmandu played a decisive role in all the past movements, Shrestha said the agitating forces needed to launch a Kathmandu-centric movement in order to take current agitation to a logical end.The political report also stressed the need for forging unity with the forces that advocate for the cause of identity.

Party Chair Upendra Yadav said the CC would reach a conclusion on the current issues tomorrow. The CC meeting that began yesterday is discussing current Madhes agitation, party’s future strategies and the party’s role in the agitation. Some CC members expressed dissatisfaction at the UDMF’s failure to control black-marketing of fuel. The party leaders suggested that the party prepare concrete strategies to launch a decisive stir.