Fuel supply slashed

Kavre, December 5

After the Nepal Oil Corporation found petrol pumps in the district cheating consumers using remote and double gear system to dispense less fuel, it has sharply reduced fuel supply to the district of late.

NOC found more than half a dozen pumps in the district cheating consumers during a monitoring carried out a week ago. NOC reduced fuel supply to the district as pumps were found cheating consumers.

Amul Taujal, Vice-chairman of Petroleum Dealers’ Association Kavre, said the NOC, which was supplying 35,000 to 40,000 liters of diesel per day even after the blockade, has been dispatching only around 12,000 to 18,000 liters of diesel per day. “NOC has been slashing fuel supply every other day. It dispatched 18,000 liters of diesel on Thursday and 16,000 liters today.”

Due to short supply of fuel in the district, serpentine queues can be seen at petrol pumps along the highways.

Ugrachandi Oil Store, Mata Ugrachandi, Narayan Oil Store, Jay Ambe Traders, Panchkhal Oil Store and Palanchowk Oli Store based on Banepa and Pashupati Oil Store based on Bhakunde were found dispensing less fuel to the consumers.