Gajurel talks of Jana Andolan III

NEPALGUNJ: UCPN-Maoist’s secretariat member CP Gajurel on Sunday said that his party would complete the people’s revolution by seizing the state power.

“The revolution is not complete yet. We will seize state power via Jana Andolan III,” he said.

Addressing a protest meet organised to press the President Dr Ram Baran Yadav to correct his decision to retain the army chief, Gajurel said the party joined the peace process because the People’s War could not be completed. “We adopted the indirect way because we could not achieve full victory through the People’s War,” he added.

Gajurel said time had now come to accomplish their incomplete revolution. “The President’s unconstitutional move has paved the way for the party to accomplish its incomplete tasks. Now, our goal is to capture the state power,” he added.

He also said people’s republic should be established in the country. Gajurel said the UCPN-M were forced to step down from the government because of increasing foreign intervention.

“We appointed General Khadka as the acting head of the Nepali Army, as he has not gone against the elected government,” he said, clarifying why the Maoists were favouring him.

He lashed out at CPN-UML for neglecting the UCPN-Maoist’s request of forging unity of leftist forces.

Meanwhile, another Maoist leader Lilamani Pokharel today said time had come to break open the locks of People’s Liberation Army cantonments.

Addressing the protest meet in Dhangadhi, he said, “If the Nepali Army is thinking of finishing the PLA fighters staying in the cantonments via military coup, we will be forced to break the locks in cantonments.”

He also made it clear that the party would continue its protest against the President’s decision to reinstate the Chief of Army Staff Rookmangud Katawal. “We are ready to fight against anyone who speaks in favour of the President’s unconstitutional decision,” he added.

He spewed venom on the Nepali Congress and the UML in his nearly two-hour long speech. “The NC and the UML will not be at comfort, while we are in the opposition,” he added.

Deputy leader of the UCPN-M’s parliamentary party Narayankaji Shrestha ‘Prakash’ today accused Madhav Kumar Nepal of trying to become prime minister as per the direction of the foreign forces.

Addressing a protest meet organised by the party in Biratnagar, Prakash said several national and international regressive forces were trying to gherao the UCPN-Maoist. “But we will not step back from the peace process,” Prakash reiterated his party’s stance.

He further accused the Nepali Congress of trying to force the UCPN-M out of the ongoing peace process.

“We are committed to take the peace process towards a logical conclusion as per the people’s aspirations,” Prakash said.

Saying that President Dr Ram Baran Yadav has abducted the supremacy of the people, he said the Maoists were committed to take their protest against the President to a conclusion.

“Dr Yadav is a ceremonial president. He only has the rights to accept the certificate of credence of ambassadors and endorse the government decisions,” he said.

Prakash said the UCPN-Maoist did not leave the government because it lacked majority. “We decided to step down to protest the President’s unconstitutional decision. We thought it would be better to protest from the opposition,” he added.