Gang robs Rs 2m during power outage

Biratnagar, September 9 :

A gang of 10 armed robbers, taking advantage of a power outage, looted property worth Rs 20 lakh from the house of one Ramesh Poudel at Bargachhi of Biratnagar-5 last evening. The gang entered the sitting room, threatened the family members at gunpoint into a room and locked them inside and looted 42 tolas of gold, 300 tolas of silver, Rs 40,000 in cash, a motorbike plated Ko 2 Pa 6697, two mobile sets and two wrist watches. They had also cut telephone lines, said Ram-esh’s son Sunil. According to Gopal Bhandari, SP of Morang, the pattern of the incident suggested involvement of Maoists. Morang Maoist in-charge Sagar denied the Maoists’ involvem-ent into the incident. Sa-gar said that in view of suspicion about Maoists being involved, investigation will be carried out by the party and punish wrongdoers.