Ganga Maya staging hunger strike for last six days


Ganga Maya Adhikari has been staging yet another fast-unto-death hunger strike at the National Trauma Centre for the last six days demanding justice for her teenage son, who was killed 16 years ago.

Ganga Maya of Phujel village of Gorkha district had ended her last hunger strike in July 2018 after the government assured it would fulfil all her demands.

But, the government did not fulfil her demands. “I don’t wish to live any more. After years of betrayal from the government and hundreds of false promises. I am sure that I won’t get justice in this life. All I want to do now is end my life, and put an end to this suffering once and forever,”

Ganga Maya, 61, said.

Ganga Maya’s 18-year-old son Krishna Prasad was kidnapped and shot by the then Maoist rebels in Chitwan on 6 June 2004 during the armed conflict era.

Krishna Prasad was going to his maternal uncle’s house in Chitwan when he was abducted and killed.

The family of Krishna Prasad later filed an FIR with Chitwan District Police Office, accusing 13 persons, including Chhabilal Paudel as prime suspect, his son Parshuram Paudel and nephews Bhimsen Paudel, Ram Prasad Adhikari, and Januka Paudel of killing the son. Prime accused Paudel later informed that the person firing the shot was Rudra Acharya, who has been at large.

He is said to be hiding in the United Kingdom.

Ganga Maya and her husband Nanda Prasad waited for police action for almost seven years to bring the culprits behind bars.

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