Gautam deflects his poor record, blames Maoists for lawlessness

Pyuthan, December 26:

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bam Dev Gautam pointed out that the task of maintaining the law and order situation in the country faced hurdles and challenges, owing to the Maoists’ hangover of the arms and violent activities.

Inaugurating the sixth district convention of CPN-UML Pyuthan at Sworgadwari Campus here today, he said, “The Maoist-affiliated Young Communist League is mainly responsible for the chaos and disturbance all over the country.”

Despite Maoists intention to impose single party rule in the country, Maoist chairman and Maoists were unable to do so, he said. “Impunity is unacceptable whether it is committed by YCL or Youth Force. I talked to Prime Minister ‘Prachanda’ several times on the violation of the law by the YCL cadres. The existence of the government can not be felt if there is no legal action against the criminals,” Gautam added.

The government was committed to write new constitution in two years, he said. “The peace process cannot reach to a logical end without integration of the Maoist combatants and their rehabilitation. The Nepali Congress agreed to send two representatives to the special committee just because of his party,” he said, adding that Maoists’ dream to head the government without opposition went in vain because of the NC.

The CPN-UML secretariat member Shankar Pokhrel said that the YCL created havoc at a time when the people’s aspiration was to attain the sustainable peace.

Earlier, Gautam was accosted with black flags by the Pyuthan-based journalists. “The journalists also chanted slogans against Gautam, protesting the government’s apathy to take action against the culprits involved in attacks in Himalmedia and intervention in the Kantipur Publications and APCA house, said FNJ Pyuthan secretary Dipak Bhandari.

“We strongly demand the government to ensure press freedom in the country,” he added.