Gautam finds gaping holes in martyrs’ list

Jhapa, December 25:

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Bam Dev Gautam, talking to the media persons at Bhadrapur airport in Jhapa today, said the list proposed for declaring martyrs in the cabinet meeting has excluded the names of those killed by the Maoists.

The list of 8,500 persons recommended by the government to declare martyrs does not include those killed by the Maoists, Minister Gautam said. “The people killed in Jana Andolan, Madhes Andolan and Maoist insurgency only were included in the list.”

Responding to a query, the home minister said, “A high-level network will deal with the issue.”

Gautam also commented on the remarks of Maoist leader Jamarkattel, who opposed arresting

those involved in the attack on Himalmedia, threatened to lead to a stir. “Intimidation and crimes cannot be excused. Nepali people are to decide their fate,” said Gautam, condemning the attack on press. “The culprits will be nabbed as per the law of the land.”

Saying that the ministry never instructed security forces to rain baton on the journalists, he said, “The police officials involved in the incident will be punished and I appeal to mediapersons to be patient.”