Gautam pledges to take up cudgel for Oli-led govt

Pokhara, June 7

CPN-UML vice-chairperson Bamdev Gautam today said his party would defend the government led by party Chairperson KP Sharma Oli.

Speaking at a party-organised symposium here today, Gautam dwelt on the fragile nature of the ruling coalition and said, “As the government needs the support of many political parties, withdrawal of support by just one party could put it in peril.

So there is no question of us shutting our eyes to this reality and watching the government led by our party fall.”

Further, Gautam foresaw the prospects of his party leading in the upcoming elections if the budget was successfully implemented. He said, “There are ample chances that we will win with overwhelming support of people in the next elections if this budget is implemented successfully.

It’s also because of this prospect that we will give our best to save the government.”

Gautam also tried to defend the government’s decision to hike civil servants’ salaries through the budget, saying the same had to be done to encourage employees.

“As it’s the civil servants on whom the implementation of the budget and development and prosperity of the country depends, how could anyone think of developing the country without providing incentive and encouraging them?” asked the former home minster, calling political parties of different faiths to come united for the reconstruction of the quake-ravaged country.