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Get serious about crisis, NC tells govt

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NC slams govt inaction on constitution amendment and reconstruction bills

Nepali Congress Central Office

Nepali Congress Central Office

Kathmandu, November 21

Nepali Congress today told the parties in government not to block the process of amending the constitution on the pretext of forging consensus on all issues in a package deal.

At a meeting called by the NC with parties in the government, Congress urged the ruling coalition to move ahead with the constitution amendment bill to create conducive environment for resolving the issue of boundaries of federal units, NC spokesperson Dilendra Prasad Badu told THT.

In response, the coalition partners said they were principally agreed on moving ahead with the constitution amendment process, but would hold consultations among coalition partners on whether to pass the bill without consensus with agitating parties in a package deal, Badu said.

CPN-UML leader Jhalanath Khanal said the major parties agreed to amend the constitution by forging common view on the contents of the amendment clauses.

Unified CPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said the major parties had discussed forging a common view on issues of the constitution and resolving the problem of blockade on the Nepal-India border.

During the meeting at the Parliament Secretariat in Singha Durbar, the NC objected to the dilly-dallying on the part of the UML and UCPN-M in moving ahead with the constitution amendment bill registered by the previous NC-led government although the three parties had agreed before formation of the UML-led government.

“Since the bill seeks amendment of the constitution to include proportional inclusion and constituency delimitation on the basis of population and these are the demands of agitating Madhesi community and indigenous people, it should not be blocked. Once, the bill is passed, it will create positive environment for finding solutions to the remaining issue, such as boundaries of federal units,” NC leaders said.

They told coalition leaders to change their perspective after the latter said they would move ahead with the constitution amendment process only after agreement with agitating parties on all the issues, Badu said.

NC also objected to the coalition’s inaction on moving ahead with the bill related to reconstruction authority and withdrawal of appointments made by the previous NC-led government.

“We said we are for constructive support to the government. However, you are gradually spoiling the relation with the main opposition party by blocking the authority related bill as well and by withdrawing appointments made by the previous government.

If you do not correct this, we will have to launch strong protest against you,” the NC leaders told the ruling coalition, according to Badu.

As the government has assigned the work of the reconstruction authority to the National Planning Commission through a cabinet decision recently, the NC expressed strong objection to it, according to him.

“Since the authority related bill is also a matter of concern for international donors, who want to support Nepal’s reconstruction of earthquake damaged structures, avoiding the bill will be a blunder on the part of the government,” Badu said.

Also the NC expressed objection to the padlock at the office of the governor by UML’s employees’ union. “It is no different than the blockade imposed by Madhes-based parties. Should not the ruling party be serious about this?” Badu quoted NC leaders.

A version of this article appears in print on November 22, 2015 of The Himalayan Times.

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