Ginger farmers hit for want of market

Phalebas, March 20

Farmers of Jaljala Rural Municipality of north Parbat are now lamenting their decision to switch to ginger from maize and millet cultivation.

Farmers who had started growing ginger with the hope of making more profit are disappointed as their produce remains in the field due to lack of market.

Ginger cultivated in Lekphant, Shalija, Banskharka and Kyang has started rotting in the field itself.

Our produce has failed to find a market and appropriate price, said one Kula Prasad Subedi.

Some 5,000 kg ginger produced by farmers here has remained unsold.

Farmers paid Rs 80 per kg of ginger seed, but now their produce is not selling even at Rs 20 per kg.

Beni and Kusha of Myagdi, Pokhara and India are considered major markets for ginger produced here.

Ginger consumption is relatively low in Nepal.

Until two years ago, farmers used to sell ginger for Rs 60-80 per kg, said local farmer Radhika Subedi.

Jaljala Rural Municipality  lacks transport facilities and farmers have to transport their produce to Beni for sale by carrying it on their backs.