Girl raped in Panchthar

Phidim, January 18

It has been revealed that a youth, who had gone to ask for the hand of a girl, raped the girl in Panchami VDC of Panchthar.

According to District Police Office, Panchthar, Hemraj Adhikari, 37, of Sijuwa VDC, Morang had raped the girl last Saturday. Police arrested Adhikari and his helper - Nar Bahadur Younghang, 65, of Panchami and they are in the custody of DPO.

Inspector Bijaya Shrestha of DPO said the old man had called Adhikari to his house saying that he would help to ask the hand of the girl. Shrestha said the old man had also called the girl to his house after Adhikari arrived at the old man’s house.

Meanwhile, the victim explained to the police that Hemraj had raped her after Hemraj and she were locked into a room from outside.

Police said that they were searching for the other helpers — Bijaya and Bikram Younghang of Panchami VDC as they fled the scene after the incident.

It is said that preparations are under way to take action against the perpetrators.