Give Maoists a chance to head govt: Matrika Yadav

Nepalgunj, May 18:

Politburo member of the CPN (Maoist) Matrika Yadav said today that the Maoists must be allowed to lead the interim government.

Addressing a press meet organised at the Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) office here, Yadav said, “The Maoists must get a chance to lead the interim government. The decision to this effect will be made after forging an agreement between the seven political parties and the Maoists”.

Stating that the Maoists were ready for talks with the parties, Yadav accused the parties of trying to ignore the Maoists by extending the parliament. Stating that he was disappointed by inadequate action taken against those suppressing the Jana Andolan, Yadav said, “They should be treated as criminals”. Yadav, who arrived here today after meeting central leaders of the CPN (Maoist) in India, said action would be taken against those extorting money. Yadav, who is also the chairman of Madhesi Liberation Front, accused India and the US of going against Nepal’s interests and trying to break the agreement between the rebels and the seven parties. He added that the two countries failed on Nepal as soon as they welcomed the King’s April 21 address. Asked about the relation between the RIM and the Maoists, Yadav said the Maoists were one step ahead of the RIM. “The situation in the country has brought us one step ahead of the RIM”.

Yadav said, “We (Maoists) will continue collecting donations but won’t go for extortion. People will decided whether or not to make donations.”

“The Maoists will not threaten or take action against those who opt against making donations,” Yadav said, adding: “The Maoists are compelled to collect donations to run the party, the militia and the Maoist government”.

The nation’s crisis can be resolved peacefully, he said.

Yadav accused the government of not creating a favourable environment for talks. He also urged the government to free all the Maoist detainees.

Yadav said the Maoists have brought about the present change in the nation.