Give true info: NHRC to Maoists

Biratnagar, March 25:

The National Human Rights Commission today said false information provided by the Maoists on number of cadres killed in clashes has made it increasingly difficult to search disappeared people.

The human rights watch dog has also demanded that the Maoists provide exact data of loss of clashes.

NHRC member, Sudip Pathak, expressed such view at a discussion organised in Biratnagar today.

The number of persons disappeared by the government are more than those by the rebels. However, some of the cases of disappearance by the Maoists were not even reported to NHRC, Pathak said.

He added the victim’s ignorance on the body to report the case was another reason for difficulty in compiling exact data.

He said that the Maoists should make public the name and address of people killed in the clash. The central representatives of NHRC arrived in the eastern development region few days ago under one month campaign of making public the whereabouts of the disappeared people.

They have been holding discussion, collecting data and counseling with civil society, media persons, victim’s families and security bodies. Pathak said they have been holding discussion with contact sources of the rebels.

It was stated that as the people filing the cases did not come to contact, it is difficult to know the fact. Speaking at the function, rights protection officer of the NHRC, Shyam Babu Kafle said, the campaign has been initiated to pressurise both the government and the Maoists to make public the list of disappeared people.

It was stated that 201 people have been disappeared in eastern development region. Among them, 95 are disappeared by the rebels. Though cases of some people are in the process,

there was no information of 63 cases. The trend of disappearing people has reduced this year. Of them 14 people were disappeared this year in eastern region. According to NHRC, among 650 cases of disappearance filed in the commission, 171 were related with the Maoists.