Government bars entry of people from European, Gulf countries

KATHMANDU: The government has also decided to prohibit the entry of people from European, Gulf and some Asian nations.

A decision to this effect was taken on Wednesday afternoon by a high-level coordination committee meeting led by Deputy Prime Minister Ishwar Pokharel at Singha Durbar.

The provision, which will come into effect from March 20, has been taken as a precautionary measure to control the possible outbreak of coronavirus infection (COVID-19). The decision will remain effective until April 15.

Those travelling from or transiting at all European nations; Western Asian nations and Gulf countries including Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan will be barred entry into Nepal.

Due to the recent travel restrictions imposed by the Government of Nepal, the foreign nationals who are not able to return to their countries can now apply for visa extensions within the stipulated time to regulate their visas.