Bara, March 23 Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Rabindra Adhikari said today that the government was serious about construction of the proposed international airport in Nijgadh. Speaking at an interaction with local representatives in Simara, the minister said constructing an international airport in Nijgadh was a necessity. “In the present context when the only international airport in Kathmandu is struggling to cope with the ever increasing pressure of flights, the need for another international airport is felt even more,” he said. The minister said the second international airport in Nijgadh would be completed within seven years. “If we complete the preparations in two years, construction of the airport might take four to five years,” he said. The minister also visited Bara’s Tangiyabasti village, the site proposed for the airport, and met the locals, assuring them that the villagers whose land would be acquired would be provided  due compensation.