‘Govt committed to ending smuggling, syndicate system’

Pokhara, May 14

Minister for Home Affairs Ram Bahadur Thapa today said the government would leave no stone unturned to end corruption, smuggling and syndicate system in the country.

Speaking at a press meet organised by Press Centre Nepal Kaski chapter in Pokhara, Thapa said his ministry would stringently act to end drug addiction, hooliganism, black-marketing and syndicate system prevalent in all sectors.

Stating that the country’s economy was in the hands of a few smugglers, Thapa stressed the need to put an end to such situation. “Smuggling in the financial sector and black-marketing have hindered the country’s progress. Thus, we are committed to dismantling such practices,” he pledged.

Mentioning the reach of mafias and smugglers in the country, Thapa said his ministry was preparing a list of dons and goons to eliminate them. “The ministry will end hooliganism from the country sooner than later,” he added.

Noting that drug addiction and liquor consumption had been affecting national performance, Minister Thapa said his ministry was preparing a work plan to end drug smuggling and to regulate liquor consumption.

He informed Province 4 security meet that concluded yesterday also dwelt on ending drug trade, syndicate system, hooliganism and smuggling of small arms and weapons. Thapa said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Nepal had helped strengthen bilateral ties between Nepal and India. He also stressed the need to cement ties with China. “Nepal wants to strengthen ties with both, India and China, for development,” Thapa added.