Govt increases subsidy on agro tools, seeds

Biratnagar, June 16

The government has increased subsidy on agriculture for farmers of Biratnagar, Morang.

The government has introduced Rs 55,000 to Rs 9,00,000 subsidy for solar irrigation system. and has decided to provide 50 per cent subsidy on the purchase of agricultural equipment under the Prime Minister Agriculture Modernisation Project.

More than 200 million rupees has been allotted for Morang under the project that kick started from the current fiscal in the district. A sum of Rs 3,00,000 has been granted for each hector land for fish farming in 500 hector land in the district.

District Agriculture Development Office, Morang, Chief Manoj Kumar Yadav said that agriculture tools and agriculture development programmes worth Rs 30 million have been allocated targeting the farmers of the border area. Agriculture Engineering Directorate said that it would provide 50 per cent subsidy in the purchase of tractor, besides Rs one million subsidy while purchasing 39 types of mechanical tools. The DADO has received as many as 94 applications  under the project. Likewise, a total of 151 applications have been received to purchase power tiller. A farmer needs to have five hector cultivable land to be eligible for subsidy in the purchase of tractor and 1.5 hector cultivable land in the case of power tiller. The farmers are offered 50 per cent subsidy while purchasing seeds.

With the growing modernisation of agriculture, the government has increased its subsidy with high priority in Morang.